Finding resources, information or products on the internet can sometimes be difficult. Below is a list of things I have found so your search may not be quite as long and arduous as mine. This page will be a continual work in progress. If you have information you would like to add please send me a link and I’ll review it for a possible addition to this list.  Feedback is greatly appreciated.   

I hope you find this helpful. Please keep in mind, I am not responsible for any decisions you make or outcome of those decisions when pursuing any of the information on this page.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, try my Tips and Favourites blog posts for other ideas.

So without further ado, here are some of my Tips and Favourites. 


Favourite Websites     (please also see my resources page)


Band-aids and Blackboards – This site shares what it’s like from a child’s perspective growing up with medical problems.  It has insightful stories from children and teens, activity suggestions from teachers, tips from parents and more. 

Special Village – An Ontario based site offering helpful information, tips and links for parents of children with special needs. 

Zach’s list -A great idea. Yeh!  Online classified ads  for pediatric special needs equipment.  Zach’s list also has a social members network.


Accessibility Websites


My Web My Way – BBC “how to” guide section to help people with disabilities make their computer and web experience more accessible.  Love this site.  I learned a lot of helpful tips.

Basic Mouse - This provides a free download to disable the right click on your mouse preventing users from accessing or changing things you don’t want them to. Ideal for when your children or a person with a learning disability may be using your computer.  Note: this is not a program I have used and would love feedback.

Large pointers/cursors  Free download for larger pointers/cursors. Note: I have not tried this program yet and would love feedback should you check it out. 


Free Learning Software for Children:


Starfall  and More Starfall - Both sites offer early learning opportunities for young children up to grade two and children with disabilities.  They cover phonics, rhyming, songs, reading and math.  Many of the options can be used with a switch device if needed.  The high contrast pictures and spaced lettering make it visibly appealing and helpful to low vision children.

Keyseeker - This offers a cute lesson in keyboarding geared towards children in kindergarten.  It could work for some children with disabilities also for providing letter recognition and keyboarding skills.

Plate Spinner - Designed to teach children how to use the number keypad. 

Help Kidz Learn - Free learning software for young children or children with learning difficulties.  Many of the activities can be used with a mouse, touch screen or switch device.  This site includes some helpful tools for parents also. 

CBeebies - BBC site with free learning games for children.  There are lots of choices of activities and you can choose mouse, keyboard, switch devices, etc.


Favourite Products


Tilty Cup - This uniquely designed sippy cup is by far the best I had found on the market.  Although it was designed for a more comfortable drinking experience, I was impressed that the design can reduce the risks of aspiration also. 

FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment - This product I have seen in action and it clearly lives up to the name.  It makes the wheeling on different terrains possible and enjoyable. 

Virtual Music Instrument (VMI) - Giving people with disabilities the ability to play an instrument.  The software program gives a whole new meaning to music therapy and inspires children while making music. See my post for details.  


Favourite Tech Guy


RJ Cooper - Special Education software, hardware adapters, App designer, etc., for people with disabilities.

(Wheel-ist-ic) Adj: awareness or acceptance of actual fact, real existence, or truth with relation to inclusion, accessibility and/or persons with disabilities.

Let’s Be Wheelisitic is a blog designed to open communication, share and create change through parenting, awareness, inclusion and advocacy. Over the years people have encouraged me to use my voice and experiences with my daughter to help others with or without disabilities, or parents of children with disabilities. This blog is my way of doing just that. I hope you will find this site enjoyable, educational, helpful, and rewarding.
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