The funny things children say pop out of nowhere sometimes.  As a parent, you think about all the things you express aloud in front of your children. You catch yourself or others saying things you don’t want repeated.


- When your child blurts out the “F” word and their only in kindergarten, you know you have issues.


- When your child suddenly says “Mom take a chill pill”, who taught them that one?


I was in a public bathroom the other day where a young boy was in the stall with his mother.  She helped him learn the art of peeing standing up and flushing the toilet afterwards.  When he was all done, it was her turn to go.  The boy blurts out “Mom you’re peeing out of your bum!”  Mom obviously horrified that everyone could hear quickly corrects him.  “No Jimmy, girls have different body parts and we don’t pee standing up.”  Well you could imagine how many questions followed that statement.  Mom seemed a little uncomfortable coming out of that stall to the eyes of others.


Today I was on the phone with my friend while she was driving.  Yes, she was using a hands free device.  Suddenly her young boy screams out “Stop the car! Stop the car! I dropped my backhoe!”  We bursted out laughing.  This was new language we hadn’t heard before and very demanding.  Mom promptly pulls over to stop this nightmare of an event from happening to her poor son.  I could hear the traffic zooming by as she walked around the car, opened the door and promptly search for the missing toy backhoe.  Heaven forbid this poor backhoe should continue to lie on the car floor for the duration of the trip. 


Children who are non-verbal or have limited communication can often indicate something you may not have wanted shared.  Many are also very good at letting their own feelings known even if it’s not the best time or way to do it.  I remember seeing a young child indicate to one doctor on her communication device “Hi, I’m all done. Bye.”  In other words, I came to my appointment but I really don’t want to be here so “See ya.”


No matter what comes out of their communication, it’s so honest when their small and unfiltered.   As adults, we are expected to have filters.  You never know when it will come back to haunt you if you don’t.


What funny things has your child said?


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