When I was young, Thanksgiving dinner was family time. My mother would make the usual turkey dinner with all the fixins and have the table set with her best china and autumn decor. I remember the aromas that came from that kitchen like it was yesterday and the desserts were simply too hard to resist. Gradually, we all resembled the overstuffed turkey that had graced our table. If we weren’t already prepared for the feast by wearing loose clothing; it was the moment my sisters and I would descreetly undo the top button of our pants and let out a sigh of relief. It was a table filled with love and laughter.


Those years have long past, and getting together with family has become next to impossible. I’m thankful for those memories and hopeful we’ll someday share Thanksgiving again. Over the last few years, Thanksgiving has been spent with other family and friends. Though I miss the old days, it’s these times that I feel so fortunate to be welcomed and loved by so many.


My little girl is having a hard time sleeping tonight and though this might be selfish, I’m thankful for that too. It means I get one more cuddle as I try to get her to close eyes for sweet dreams. 


Best Wishes everyone. Thank you. 


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