Resources will be continually added to this page. Please continue to check back. I hope you find them helpful.  Please note resources for grants or inclusive activities can be found on my “Charities” page.


At Home Program -  This is a  BC Provincial Government Program.  It is designed to assist parents of children with severe disabilities by covering some of the costs of respite or medical items and services.


BC Centre for Ability - This program offers a variety of services for children, youth and adults and has a multi-disciplinary team of profressionals.


BC Coalition of People with Disabilities – BCCPD is a provincial support for people of all disabilities to lead inclusive and independent lives.  


BC Coalition of People with Disabilities Emergency Preparedness - Information on preparing to survive in an emergency.


B.C. Ministry of Public Safety Emergency Management - Provides disaster preparedness information for people with disabilities.  This information is also broken down according to the nature of the disability.


British Columbia Association for Community Living - “(BCACL) is a provincial association determined to build communities that include and assist children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities and their families in all aspects of community life.


Canadian Association for Music Therapy - This site provides useful information on the benefits of music therapy and where to find an accredited therapist in your area.


Canadian Association of the Deaf - Providing support and promoting rights for people who are deaf.


Canadian Hard of Hearing Association - A non-profit consumer organization helping to promote awareness and integration of people who are hard of hearing.


Canadian National Institute for the Blind - Helping Canadians who are blind or partially sited.


Canadian Paraplegic Association – Assisting Canadians with spinal injuries or other physical disabilities participate and become independent in life.


Canadian Transport Agency – Take charge of your travel. An accessibility guide for persons with disabilities about to travel. 


Family Support Institute  – Supporting families of a person with disabilities.  Offers information, training and networking throughout B.C. Canada.


Independent Living Canada - A movement to support people with disabilities across Canada to live a more inclusive and independent life.


Plan  -  Plan of Canada is a support for families of people with disabilities.  They provide resources, information and help build networks of caring people around your family.  Plan offers courses to help these families make the best decisions and have a  secure financial future.


Red Cross Emergency Management Information for People with Disabilities -Guides to help people with disabilities in the event of an emergency or disaster.


Registered Disability Savings Plan  - RDSP  – Canada Revenue Agency information on the Registered Disability Savings Plan.  For further assistance contact the RDSP Resource Center.

(Wheel-ist-ic) Adj: awareness or acceptance of actual fact, real existence, or truth with relation to inclusion, accessibility and/or persons with disabilities.

Let’s Be Wheelisitic is a blog designed to open communication, share and create change through parenting, awareness, inclusion and advocacy. Over the years people have encouraged me to use my voice and experiences with my daughter to help others with or without disabilities, or parents of children with disabilities. This blog is my way of doing just that. I hope you will find this site enjoyable, educational, helpful, and rewarding.
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