If you watched the Ellen show yesterday, you probably saw something extraordinary. After seeing an amazing video, Ellen brought Josh Dueck of Vernon, B.C., Canada,  to her show.  He stunned the world when he envisioned and succeeded in doing what had never been done before. 

In 2004, Josh became paralized from the waist down after over shooting a flip on skiis and landing on the flats. Clearly he didn’t let that stop him. Josh Dueck went on to become a  master Mono-skier.  He won gold in Mono Skier Cross at the 2011 X – Games. That success continued with another gold in downhill at the 2009 World Championships followed by silver at the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games. These were incredible achievements for Josh but he was still craving something more.

On February 3rd, 2012, athelete Josh Dueck became the first Paraplegic Skier to perform a backflip on a sit ski built specifically for him. This was just another part of Josh’s true journey of freedom. Check it out. 

If you would like to see Josh Dueck’s interview on “Ellen” yesterday, click here.



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