IPads/IPhones/IPods can still have challenges for toddlers and children, youth or adults with or without disabilities. Here are some possible solutions to common problems:   (Low vision readers, please click on the product name for links.)


The Home Button:


Having a challenge keeping your child focused on one App? Do they constantly hit the home button only to need your assistance after? Do they use the IPad for communication but keep exiting the program in search of something more interesting? I have recently heard of some options that might help. Check out Paper Clip Robots – BubCap Pro. The thin self-adhering aluminum tabs can be used on IPads/IPhones/IPods. It covers over the home button making it difficult for young children to constantly exit apps. The home button can still be used with a much firmer press. Of all the types of BubCaps on this site, the aluminum “Pro” works the best.


Taking this a step further, RJ Cooper has adapted the BubCap Pro. His slightly more expensive version allows a pen point, toothpick or paper clip to be used to operate the home button. Check out RJ Cooper’s Adapted BubCap Pro.


IPad access for wheelchair users:


Tired of having your IPad on your lap or constantly getting it out of a carrying case?  Check out Daessy Defender Twist Case. It rotates and mounts onto any mount assembly with a Daessy Quick Release system. The rugged Defender Case is by Otterbox.


IPad Stands and Cases:


I tried stands that came as part of an IPad case. Most were too flimsy and definitely don’t hold up for a child’s use. The Trexta Rotating Folio is sturdy and doesn’t tip over when used as a stand. I was also lucky to find a 360 degree Rotating Stand by Merkury Innovations at Bed Bath and Beyond that I’m happy with. Word of warning, it may tip backwards when young children are touching the top of the screen.


For something stronger and good for those using IPads regularly, RJ Cooper has a Carry Case/Bumper Case Combo. The link provided is for the Carry Case only and you can check out the Bumper case while there.  It can be used in conjunction with his Variable Angle Super Stand. All of his products are designed specifically to support people with disabilities and worth a peak. RJ Cooper also has some YouTube videos on his site to show the varieties of bumper cases and their challenges.


IPod usage with fine motor difficulties:


Music is a powerful thing and something no one should live without. CanAssist adapted the IPod using their podwiz design. It allows people with fine motor difficulties and children with special needs to use a switch device to operate it.  They also have a solution for people that can not use a standard switch device. They pair the podwiz with and EMG switch (facial electromyography switch).  To learn more about these devices and any other adapted devices by CanAssist, click here.


That’s my tips for today. Hope they help. If you would like to share any products or solutions you’ve found, please comment or email me directly. 


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