It’s 2013! If you haven’t already made your New Year’s resolutions, then you better get cracking – just kidding. 


As television bombards viewers with weight loss commercials to influence our New Years goals, I happily eat every last chocolate the holidays had to offer. Do I feel guilty? Maybe a little, but I don’t need a new year or commercials to push me towards dieting. When I decide my butts too big and it needs some serious help, then I’ll hit the treadmill, down extra fluids and leave the chocolate stash alone.   


We all have different ideas of what the New Year means to us. Every year I start out with huge lists of great intentions. I don’t like to think of them as resolutions. To me, the beginning of a new year is simply starting a clean slate to reorganize myself. I look at my current schedule of what’s working and what’s not. I factor in the extra things I would like to do and weed out the useless things that are taking up my time. 


No matter how well planned I think I am, there are always things that pop up along the way and the plan needs tweaking. I admit it, I take on a lot. I’m struggling from some kind of false illusion that I can do it all. I’ve realized though, that for the most part if I set my mind to it, I’m a great multi-tasker. I just have to remember to reach for the life vest when I jump in over my head.


I’m looking forward to this year. As each year passes, I can take those opportunities to read, play, write and exercise my holiday pounds away at my leisure. My daughter is becoming stronger and less dependant on her mother. The parental pressures are still very hectic, but she’s not as fragile anymore. Life with a child who has a disability always reminds you of what’s important. She’s my Happy New Year. The schedules, plans, diets, etc., are just the stuff in between.


Happy New Year to all. May the year’s journey bring bright smiles and warm hearts.

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