It won’t be long until children are giggling up and down our streets in colourful costumes. Pumpkins will line our pathways and glow sticks will be hoping about in the darkness. Personally, I think Halloween is right up there on the list of ridiculously fun times. Nothing motivates a child more than candy of course, but creating spooky crafts, reading ghostly stories, watching scary movies, visiting the local haunted house and dressing up in their costumes; that’s what makes it fun.

For adults, most of us enjoy watching the little bodies with painted faces and fangs come to our door. The pretty princesses and swashbuckling pirates yelling “Trick or Treat” make it entertaining. 

I love decorating my house and garden at Halloween more than Christmas. I enjoy making crazy costumes and seeing how many other adults decided to step out of the norm and into the land of make believe. Observing what wacky ideas for costumes people come up with is half the fun. Costume ideas for a person using a wheelchair could be the biggest trick or treat.

A friend sent me a link that brought a smile to my face. There are some seriously creative people out there. Check out these homemade costume designs. If you have others I’d love to see them too. Drop me a comment or email me a picture. 

For the coolest homemade costumes, click here.


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