It’s been some time since my last post. Truth be told, I’ve been stuck for words. There have been many topics to talk about, but putting them to type just couldn’t be done.

I started this year with grand intentions. I believed that finally after all this time, my daughter no longer needed so much of her mother and I could continue my journey back to being me and to all that I love. I was driven and determined to make changes in my life.

Positive thinking has great power. In the face of adversity, positive thinking becomes strength you often didn’t know existed. Strength is a funny thing though. It comes when you have no choice. When you need to make choices, strength is often the hardest thing to find.

The past two months have shaken me to my core. My goals for this year were quickly set aside when a serious health issue came into play. News of my health was followed by the loss of someone dear to my heart, who committed suicide.

So I’m trying to find strength and to understand. I’m  fortunate and  touched by the overwhelming support of others. The fight for my health will be a long one but I’m good at taking on challenges. I’ve had plenty of practice. It’s the battles of the heart and mind over things I cannot change that scar my soul. It’s the regrets, the what if’s, the whys and wishes. It’s the memories that comfort and haunt.

I believe in this blog and my intentions to help other families and people with disabilities.  I’ll continuing plugging away at it as long as there are readers. For now, please understand my posts may be few and far between as I journey into health and healing.

To T.C.,  Always in my heart and soul.  Love Q.T.

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(Wheel-ist-ic) Adj: awareness or acceptance of actual fact, real existence, or truth with relation to inclusion, accessibility and/or persons with disabilities.

Let’s Be Wheelisitic is a blog designed to open communication, share and create change through parenting, awareness, inclusion and advocacy. Over the years people have encouraged me to use my voice and experiences with my daughter to help others with or without disabilities, or parents of children with disabilities. This blog is my way of doing just that. I hope you will find this site enjoyable, educational, helpful, and rewarding.
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“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” — Maya Angelou