When you look around your neighbourhood, you don’t have to look very far to see a child out riding there bike in the summer weather.  A few years ago, my Callie out grew her tricycle.  It was a fun little bike with a parent steering option and was easily adapted to her needs.  I searched and searched for something that would work so she could continue riding.  In reality, I wasn’t going to find her a bike at the local bike shop.  The time had come when Callie needed a specialized bike if she was going to continue riding.  The more I checked into this, the more it looked like an impossible task. 


For anyone who has no concept on the costs of specialized equipment let me fill you in.  It’s like a down payment on a house or buying a vehicle.  The cost is insane for the average family to consider.   The idea of Callie getting a new bike was not looking good.  Thankfully someone told me about Cops for Kids.  I applied for a grant and Callie was able to get the bike she needed.  She is happily riding again.   


For any child, riding a bike is a huge event.  It’s a means to be social, enjoy the outdoors, exercise, learn more about themselves and the world around them.  For a special needs child it’s also a way to teach their muscles, their mind, their vision and have a common ground with another child.  For Callie, it’s right up there on her list of favourite things to do. 


From September 16th to September 25th, 2011, Cops for Kids is having its annual bike ride in British Columbia, Canada.  The ride is to raise awareness and funds to help support children in “medical, physical or traumatic crisis“.  It covers some of the most gruelling terrain in British Columbia for 10 days. Callie and I will be out there cheering on the riders when they come through our community.  We owe it to Cops for Kids to show our support and gratitude.  


For more information on Cops for Kids or if you would like to cheer on a rider in your area, click here


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