There are many different charities and organizations that have been so helpful over the years.  I can’t think of a better way to express our thanks, then to help spread the word of the great work they do.   Over the coming weeks, I will continue to add more information to this page.   This information is based on our experiences or word of mouth. I hope you find this list helpful; however, any decision you make to seek funding, volunteer or donate to those listed below, should be entirely your own.  

 Since we are from British Columbia, Canada, many featured on this page will be from BC, while others are International or Canada wide.  I have found these to be wonderful organizations that change the lives of families  everywhere.  Please check out their websites. 


Adaptive Sports at Sun Peaks - Offers adaptive sports in the beautiful setting of Sun Peaks, BC.


Camp Awakening - This Ontario based charitable organization offers camping adventures for children ages 9 – 18 with physical disabilities.


Can Assist – A University of Victoria based program to enhance the lives of those with special needs by developing and delivering technologies, programs and services.



Challenger Baseball -  This a program to provide children with disabilities the opportunity to be part of a team and play Little League Baseball. It’s designed to work with what the child’s abilities are and a buddy system.  Though we haven’t tried this out yet, I continue to hear great things and think it’s a wonderful idea.


Cops for Kids -  This organization is made up of dedicated RCMP members trying to make a difference in a child’s life.  Check out the Cops for Kids annual ride.  It’s a great event for a great cause.


Community Recreational Initiatives Society(CRIS)/ Adaptive Adventures - is a non-profit, charitable organization run by trained volunteers.  It’s purpose is to promote inclusion and improve the quality of lives by giving people with disabilities the opportunities for outdoor adventure. 


Disability Grants UK-  Though this is not a Charity, this site lists of grants for people living in the UK with special needs children. 


Disabled Skiers Association of BC - DSABC and hundreds of their volunteers, help to provide people with disabilities the chance to get out on the slopes, skiing or snowboarding.   They make it possible and fun for everyone.


Easter Seals Canada – There are so many ways that Easter Seals helps Canadians with disabilities.  They provide various programs, services, equipment, camps for kids, etc.  Visit their site for more information. 


First Hand Foundation - This non-profit organization helps to provide funding for children across the world.  Their focus is to help with the necessities like treatment, equipment, displacement and vehicle modifications when other financial resources have been exhausted.


Giving in Action - Keeping families together is the focus of Giving in Action.  They have two different funds to help with things like accessibility renovations and vehicle modifications.    


Lions Club International - This club grants funding and develops programs around the world to improve lives.  Contact your local chapter to volunteer or see if they can assist you.  Lions club helped us get adaptive equipment.


President’s Choice Children’s Charity  - This charity helps remove obstacles for children with physical or developmental disabilities.  PCCC  provides grants for mobility equipment, modifications, and therapies.


Rick Hansen Foundation - This man and his foundation are determined to make a difference and have done so over and over.  Read his story, accomplishments and continued pursuit to improve the quality of life for people with spinal cord injuries and other related disabilities and one day find a cure SCI. 


Shriners International -  Shriners has been around for a long time helping children with physical challenges.  They now have many orthopedic hospitals and burn units.   In BC they also provide a bus service for any child or parent going travelling to any Shriners hospital, BC Children’s Hospital, Sunnyhill Hospital or BC Womens Hospital.


Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports (VASS) - Offers ski programs for people with disabilities at Grouse, Seymour and Cypress Mountain in Vancouver, BC.


Variety The Children’s Charity   – There are so many ways Variety helps children with special needs in this province.  Ramps for modified vehicles, equipment, AFO-splints, accommodation assistance, food or fuel vouchers when families travel for medical needs.  These folks are like family to so many.   


 Zajac Ranch - Giving children with disabilities or terminal illness an opportunity to go a camp.




(Wheel-ist-ic) Adj: awareness or acceptance of actual fact, real existence, or truth with relation to inclusion, accessibility and/or persons with disabilities.

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