It’s that time of year again. Like so many other people, today I did the holiday hustle. You know, it’s when you park your car, step out into the masses and suddenly you’re shot into what otherwise resembles a pinball machine. Your ears buzz with background noise. There are moments you score and find exactly what you’re looking for. In your conscience you’re rewarded with Ding Ding Ding- Way to go!


In your quest for the perfect gifts, you weave left and right, you turn, dodge and duck past the other shoppers gaining just a few minor bumps. But wait, there’s only one of your wish list items left on the shelf. You scramble but someone beats you to it. That Ding Ding Ding quickly turns to Sorry, try again later. Oh, so close.


Despite my now tired feet and need for a soothing shot of Baileys Irish Cream, I didn’t do too badly today. I would have liked to be the organized shopper who was done their holiday purchases last month, but that wasn’t meant to be. My recent trip, followed by my surgery, made shopping low on the priority list. My biggest difficultly however, is always groceries. 


Grocery’s is a must for the festivities. Shopping for them can be just as nuts as shopping for presents.  It’s really a challenge to push my child in her wheelchair and manage a grocery cart or basket. We were definitely I sight to see when I was still on crutches. The looks of shock or the odd chuckle from passers by made me laugh every time. What else are you going to do? Though this juggle borders on humanly impossible, sometimes it just has to be done. Otherwise, I’ve often had to leave my child with a sitter or come up with some fancy contraption to use in the cart.


Recently my friend sent me a link to a potential cure for these shopping challenges. Click here to check out Caroline’s Cart. It’s an innovative idea that could definitely make things easier for some parents of children with disabilities. I’m not sure if Caroline’s Cart is available in Canada yet but where there is a will there’s a way. If you like this, spread the word or share your ideas on what works for you and yours.

Good luck on your holiday hustle.

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